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Alibaba Setting its new office in Australia

20 Apr 2017

4th Feb,2017 is a special day for all the Australians foreign companies.Alibaba set its new office in Melbourne ,Australia.


In 2017,Alibaba begin to extend its affections over the South of Earth.So it set its office in Australia which will bring the new business prosperous in the South from Australia first.Without question ,more offices will be set in more countries in the South such as,Algeria, Independent State of Papua New Guinea,New Zealand ect.


As a good honored 6th Year Gold supplier,Hyfine Gelatin has been in the gelatin business for more than 20 years in manufacturing good quality gelatin powder,protein powder and fish skin gelatin sheets.As a popular Chinese gelatin supplier,we insist on manufacturing good quality edible gelatin and pharmaceutical gelatin with the fresh clean good raw material.So our protein hydrolysate has been sold over world for more than 200 thousand tons to more than 50 countries.


With the growing of Alibaba, we believe that Hyfine Gelatin is going to grow to stronger Chinese gelatin suppliers by providing better quality gelatin goods and protein and animal glue for clients all over the world.


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