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American 45% duty on China

20 Apr 2017

When The new president Trump announced that America is going to collect 45% taxes on the imported goods from China.All of the Chinese suppliers would think he must be mad?Because the Chinese goods are cheaper? But that's the whole point of having imports in the first place.All the American business would be worried it will be difficult for them to do bigger business.

For us,as we are doing good business with our American business.They are importing from us the industrial gelatin,animal glue and many jelly glue and bodybuilding protein.

So we will ask them if they have any requirement on our gelatin sheets,leaf gelatine and technical gelatin.

Most of our clients thinks that import tariffs are a stupid, no good, lousy idea and one of 45% on all Chinese imports into America is a particularly bad example of that bad idea. If implemented such a tariff would simply make all Americans poorer. This isn't a good idea. Let's not do it.


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