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One Belt And One Road summit 2017 and Gelatin Powder Factory

16 May 2017

on May 14, the “One Belt And One Road" peak international cooperation strategy theme meeting was held,The meeting brings up a total of 76 categories, more than 270 concrete results.Most of them are about the Business trading among those countries.The “BBS”create a big platform for our gelatin powder factory and as the Chinese top-listed gelatin factory,we know clearly how to response to the current world economic challenges.

Adhering to the subject of the summit, we will adhere to produce high-quality animal gelatin powder, animal glue,ballistics gelatin and protein hydrolysate.

Alibaba group chairman jack ma said that the past 30 years can only be called "internationalization", now is the "globalization".This is two different concepts, internationalization is ability, globalization is about pattern and level.Today's globalization is the ability to service the world.To win in this competitence of Globalization,we will look into producing the high quality bovine gelatin powder with hydrolysed gelatin for better service our customers.

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