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What is the difference between Type A gelatin and Type B gelatin

20 Apr 2017

Type A GELATIN and Type B GELATIN is devided due to the way of processing Gelatin.

Type A gelatin is the gelatin that is processed by Acid.The gelatin produced is with most used as Food grade Gelatin with lower viscosity but higher bloom.The raw materials is processed by PH 1 to 3 cold sulfuric acid acidification for 2 ~ 8H, after immersion in water 24H, at 50 to 70 degrees Celsius gelatin 4 ~ 8H, and then jelly, Drying. Finished products, said "A-gelatin" or "acid gelatin."

Type B gelatin is the gelatin that is processed by Alkali.The gelatin produced is with mostly used as 

Industrial Gelatin with higher viscosity but lower bloom.The animal bone and skin with lime emulsion fully impregnated with hydrochloric acid and after washing, at 60 to 70 degrees Celsius gelatin, and then by corrosion, bleaching, freezing, flake, drying Too. Finished products, "bovine bone gelatin B" or "alkaline gelatin."Mainly used in chemical, moon cake boxes, jewelry boxes, tea boxes, desk calendar, wheel factory and so on. 


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