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Brazilian economy and Gelatin exporting

22 May 2017

The Bralizlian former president of Rousseff was impeached to step down less than a year, Brazil fall into a political crisis again. The Brazilian Globe disclose a dialogue recording - Brazilian President Michelle Tommel was involved in a bribe scandal. When Temmer became the president, he had vowed to revive the Brazilian economy, and the next scene took the world dumbfounded! - Brazilian stock market opened on the plunge, the Brazilian currency real fell to stop trading, the dollar fell soared ... ... Brazil is about to be involved in a new round of political and economic crisis.

We are the specialized beef gelatin manufacturers, our gelatin, hydrolyzed collagen and animal glue are exported to Brazil for a long time. Brazil is one of the major consumers of hydrolyzed gelatin and gelatin leaf, they are using the type Ⅱcollagen as a plant nutrition and for amino acids.Most of them are big gelatin powder wholesale and end users there.

After this incident, Brazil's cooperative business will definitely be affected, but we will do our best to support our Brazilian customers to help them get out of the difficulties.


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Technical Support: Magic Lamp