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World's G20 Sumit in China

20 Apr 2017


4th Sep ,2016 this is a special day,for G20 meeting begins here in Hangzhou.From 4th SEP to 5 th SEP is a special term for there will be important economy policies and regulations comes out to remove the world economy.It is special meeting for all Chinese and the people all over the world.

It will make effect on the countries economy and as well as our small business of gelatin too.


Our gelatin industry,as one of the small basic additive industry in China goes down a lot in the past years.Many gelatin factories were shut off due to low profit and some industrial gelatin factories is closed due to serious pollution and some illegal activities.As one of the old regular gelatin protein factory.Hyfine Gelatin insist on producing the good qualified products for all our customers including the members of G20 as, Korea,Japan,South Arfica,India,Indonesia,Brazil and USA ect.


Our bovine skin gelatin production line is newly built to provide the pure halal gelatin for all Muslim countries,such as,Packistan,Egypt,Syrian ect.We only produce unflavored gelatin.Our beef skin gelatin now is produced with the bloom180-bloom220 that can satisfy various needs.


Hope G20 will be the new start of China and as well as the the World.



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