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What we can see when SF express listed?

20 Apr 2017

February 24, 2017,is an unforgetable day for all SF Express. Shun Fung Holdings listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange bell, Shun Feng to over the United States, Vanke's market value to become the largest market value of Shenzhen company. And Alibaba bundled with the "three links one up" (Shen Tong, tact, Zhongtong, rhyme) and SF five private express giants have landed capital market.

Though SF is the most expensive express in all courier, but SF listed! This fact tells us the truth that cheap can't earn the market.Good business, good products is not rely on the expense of profits, But by the product of their own brand value and service to win customers.Customers need it and we can provide. 

As a qualified gelatin manufacturers, we have always insisted on this principle to do business. Our newly developed gelatin sheets, the price is not low, but has always occupied a large market.As a kind of food additives and medicinal raw material,we have the quality of gelatin we rest assured that each batch of raw materials have been rigorously tested, each gelatin production process has a strict control, so our bovine skin edible gelatin, medicinal gelatin, jelly glue is always keeping the quality consistency; we always offer our clients good same service no matter big or small clients.

We hope that our gelatin additives, gelatin sheets, jelly glue,bovine skin gelatin can help make more delicious food and better products.


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