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Where To Find A Good Food Ingredient Supplier?

20 Apr 2017

Where to find a good food ingredients supplier?

When many food manufacturers are puzzling with this problem,2016 Food Ingredients Asia Exhibition(FIA)

is held in Jakarta,Indonesia during 21st -23rd Sep.It stand out annual food and beverage event in the ASEAN

 region,Asia welcome over 15,000 visitors and more than 650 exhibitors to Jakarta to find the suitable supplier.

As a kind of important food ingredients,many gelatin factories takes part in,as well as many gelatin sheets suppliers.They are showing the potential customers their good color and shape gelatin powder with the 

certificate of Analysis for each batch halal gelatin,edible gelatin and bovine gelatin .They show leaf gelatin

in a different way to make gelatin solution on the site and do experiment on the beef gelatin face to face.

So that the clients can know the gelatin and gelatin factory more clearly and directly.


With us your money in safe your business in safe.


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