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2016-nice end,2017-New Start

20 Apr 2017

On 30th Jan 2016,the New York Times says that China is playing an active rule in the world business.

In the past 2016,the Chinese President – JinPing Xi has become the most active president all over the world. He went abroad 5 times to as many as 16 countries which spent 30 days.He attend 5 international summit.He had meeting with Obama for 3 times and with Putin for 5 times.G20 summit has been the most fruitful one.China has built new partner ship with the new 11 countries.


It is a fruitful 2016 for China,so it is for Hyfine.


We newly developed our new product-Gelatin Sheets,which is also called,fish gelatin,leaf gelatin.It is a new type of gelatin powder which is widely used in sweets.On the other hand,we sell overworld more than 200 thousand metric tons gelatin powder and animal glue which makes our annual sales value as much as more than $5 million. We are being the most active Chinese gelatin supplier who are going to provide u the most popular gelatin factory.


In the new year,we trying to achieve bigger success to supply our clients with better quality animal protein powder and the best price gelatin sheets and animal glue.

fish gelatin


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