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Alibaba and Alipay

23 Jun 2017


    On 13rd JUN,Alibaba the highest breakthrough of 360 billion US dollars, equivalent to 250 million yuan. why is this so? Ma Yun completed three historic subversive, every subversion are directly hit the key, every subversion are unprecedented, every subversion is epoch-making. 


The first subversion occurred in Morocco in Europe. Morocco officially announced the national full access Alipay, to build the first cashless country! The top leaders of Morocco signed with Alipay. Morocco, although the population is small, but the per capital GDP is high, up to 160,000 US dollars, of which one-third of the population is more than one million US dollars of the rich, is the world's richest country. Of course, the local life is also very comfortable. People's living expenses after the expenses can be paid by Alipay.All our edible gelatin powder clients in Morocco can sell their gelatin powder by Alipay in their warehouse.So great.

    The second subversion occurred in Japan. Japan, although the land is not wide but rich in resources, people's living standards are quite high. Japan 5w more than a taxi, 1.3w home Robinson convenience store, 3w home 711, MUJI, near the iron department store, UNIQLO, the international airport have all covered Alipay.Japan is a good supplier of high quality powdered gelatin and gelatin sheets.Beef gelatin will be more popular after Alipay comes.

   The third subversion occurred in the United States. The United States as the world's economic leaders, the production and life are ranked first, won the United States, other countries not far away. Moneygram has been acquired by ants gold service, First Data Corp services up to 4milllion households, Alipay and First Data joint, means that later in the United States you will see Alipay everywhere. Many Chinese people will go abroad after the cash problem can be resolved.U.S. is the biggest unflavored gelatin consumer.

     Alipay is also everywhere in China, everywhere unpopular. Gelatin industry development as Alipay, is going to the world, traveled every corner of the world. As the only Fujian gelatin manufacturers, our gelatin powder can be a good guarantee of quality, and in accordance with the requirements of customers to produce, and now can also allow customers to pay Alipay, is not very convenient? Even if you do not have a mobile phone, but as long as you use Alipay can be anytime, anywhere trading.

      Gelatin powder is exporting worldwide.If it can be paid by Alipay.Maybe it is a good payment terms.All our Gelatin protein production will goes up along with Alibaba and alipay.

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