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Gelatin Manufacturing Process

20 Apr 2017

-Raw material:Fresh clean animal skin splits are used in producing gelatin.

-Selection:Useful splits are selected out to make protein gelatin.

-Treatment&washing:The splits are conditioned with alkali solution to be easily extracted by soaking in a rectangular pit for more than 14days and then the conditioned material is washed under pressure to remove foreign matters.The PH of the alkali solution is kept PH 12-15;After washing,the PH is about 9.0-9.5.Then we add acid to neutralize the solution to PH 5.5-6.5.

-Extraction: The gelatinized product is mixed with clean water in a tank and then by heating up to 65℃-75℃ for 6 hours,the collagen of the material is hydrolyzed.The PH range of liquor is 5.5-6.5.

-Filtration: After extraction,gelatinized liquid is filtered through cotton pulp pads.The speed of filtration is about 5000L solution per hour.The temperature should keep over 50℃.

-Lon Exchange: Gelatinized Liquid is deionized by passage through both a cation and anion exchanger for the purpose of removal of inorganic materials.The temperature should keep over 50℃.The dewell time is about 30 minutes.

-Ultrafiltration and Disinfection: This concentrates the dilute liquor from 5 to 8% at an operating temperature of 60℃.The dewell time is about 30 minutes.After the Ultrafiltration the disinfection is done under over138℃ for 4 seconds.-

-Evaporation: This process remove most of moisture in liquor by using a evporator.The temperature keep 55-70℃.

-Chilling:The concentrated warm liquor is gelled by cooling in a votator and votator is invariably producing good noodles.The temperature keep 10℃.The processing time is about 10 minutes.

-Drying: The Gelatinized noodles are dried on a belt dryer by using treated air.When dry,unflavored gelatin has a  moisture content of about 14%.The temperature keep 35-40℃.The drying time is about 2 hours.

-Crushing:The broken noodles are conveyed pneumatically to the mill which produces a grist of between 10 and 60 mesh.

-Testing: Bloom Gelatin is first tested in a well equipped laboratory to analyze Bloom,Viscosity,Chemical,Physical and Microbiological properties etc.

-Blending:Powdered Gelatin is blended to meet customer specification and the end-use.

-Packing:Clear Gelatin is then hygienically packed for storage and delivery.The standard packes are 25KG plastic-lined,woven bags for the local and export markets respectively.


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