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Indians Rush Frantically

20 Apr 2017

On 10 NOV,I called one of my Indian client to check the new order.

Then he told me about the news about the surprise ban announced by Modi band Rupee $500-1000.This arouse the nervous the situation in Indian and for our Chinese Gelatin and protein business too.As we have so many Indian clients.But they have money in hand but can’t import gelatin powder,jelly glue, hydrolysed protein from us.


For decades, Indians have stuffed their mattresses with 500- and 1,000-rupee notes, the most widely circulated bills, worth the equivalent of a few dollars.But Prime Minister Narendra Modi wanted to tax that money. His strategy was to force Indians to reveal what they had been hoarding. How? He banned the bills and told people that they had to exchange them for new ones.

This has thrown the economy into chaos and sent Indians on a desperate search for some way, any way, to launder their accumulated money and avoid a financially disastrous loss.


Hope this nervous situation will end as soon as possible so that our Indian clients for gelatine,beef gelatin,gelatin capsules,

powdered gelatin,hydrolysed gelatin can do business as usual.


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