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Make in Indian & Made in China

20 Apr 2017

Make In India & Made in China

On 11st JAN,2017 ,Indian President Narendra Modi announce that India has been up to the 6th manufacturing country from the 9th in the past few years.


India is being developing quickly in the IT industry and also many other industry,such as,mobile phone,paper industry,pharmaceutical industry ect.


This situation states that it is being developing to a big importer from China.More make in India and more Made in China.So we have many Indian clients who are importing from us great amount of animal glue,gelatin powder and hydrolysed protein powder.


'Make In India' aims at bringing in Foreign Investment into India in the form of production plants,  to turn India into a core production hub. This will also get in more Made in China animal glue,bone glue,gelatine,and pharmaceutical gelatin,edible gelatin,and gelatin leaves.


Hope India and China will develop together.


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