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Gelatin and Pharmaceutical Capsules & Tablets

20 Apr 2017

Pharmacy is related to our life closely.If we want to know more pharmaceutical knowledge,let's start from the gelatin powder.


Gelatin bovine protects the sensitive drugs and active substances against harmful influences such as light, oxygen.

Soft capsules are produced by making film with medium bloom gelatin powder, glycerol, sorbitol, water etc and filling the medicines (powder/liquid) and closing the capsule at the same time. Soft capsules are making in different shapes, transparent capsules as well as with colors.


Hard shell capsules are made by immersion of cylinders in high bloom bovine gelatin solution by making 2 halfs which are then removed & dried and supplied to different pharmaceutical companies who fill it with active ingredients and sealing it back together.


Gelatine bovine is also used for coating of tablets and giving a good seal, shine binding of its ingredients and presentation to the surface.


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