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Gelatin Definition

20 Apr 2017

Gelatin is defined as a "product obtained from partial hydrolysis of collagen derived from natural sources such as skin, connective tissue, and bones of animals." It is an easily digestible protein gelatin that contains all the essential amino acids except tryptophan. 

Gelatin is NOT a chemical or chemically modified substance. 

Gelatinized powder is typically produced in a powdered or granulated form. Slightly yellow to light tan in color, it is a rather tasteless and odorless substance. 

Unflavored Gelatin, a typical protein, acts both as an acid and as a base. Thus, it is an amphoteric substance and can be titrated with acids and with alkalies. There are relatively few ionizable groups in gelatin and these are the ones which can be titrated. They are contributed by the carboxyl groups of aspartic and glutamic acids, the imidazolium of histidine and the guanidinium of arginine. In addition, there are terminal amino and carboxyl groups. 

Commercial gelatin definition is nearly tasteless and odourless, a brittle, vitreous solid, very faint yellow to amber in colour. At normal temperature and humidity, it contains 9-12% moisture. Its specific gravity is about 1.3-1.4. It dissolves in warm water to form solutions having a faint, bouillon like aroma. The important properties of a gelatin solution are functions of pH, electrolytic impurities, methods of preparation from collagen, thermal history, aging and concentration.

Bovine Gelatin is extremely heterogeneous, being composed of polypeptides of many sizes and it must never be regarded or treated as a single chemical entity. It is classified as a derived protein because it is obtained from collagen by hydrolytic action. 

Gelatin ingredients is composed of about 18 different amino acid radicals which are linked together in an ordered fashion. These amino acids obtained by the complete hydrolysis of gelatin, are listed in table below. Gelatin analyses in terms of the elements 50.5% carbon; 6.8% hydrogen; 17% nitrogen and 25.2% oxygen.

gelatin definition

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