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Gelatin manufacturing process

02 Jun 2017

How Gelatin is made?And what is the raw material?Hyfine edible gelatin ,pharmaceutical gelatin and technical gelatin is high quality finished with good transparency ,low ash and chromium.

Firstly,The process starts with raw material conditioning and size reduction. Then, gelatinized solution is submitted to alkaline treatment, washing, acid treatment and washing. 

Second,Once the material is ready, it is sent to a continuous extraction process with water at a controlled temperature. After the extraction process, gelatin liquor is cleaned and liberated from solid particles, grease and salts, as following:

1.Centrifugation: Separates fibers and strange materials is get our from skin gelatin liquid by using centrifugation equipment working approximately at 6000rpm.

2.First cleaning filtration: Retains particles and dirt using diatomaceous earth as filtration aid.

3.Ionic interchange: ashes in the gelatin is removed from skin gelatin liquid through cationic column and acidity through anionic column. pH adjustments are made in this stage.

4.Ultrafiltration: Concentration of gelatin liquor passing through membranes.And we will use the second time filtration to make concentrated gelatin liquor brighter.

5.Once the product is clean, a high concentration process takes place through a plate concentrator, where animal skin gelatin is suddenly heated and then cooling down by expansion in the separator. Gelatin manufacturing Process oof e passes through a sterilizer (heat exchanger with direct steam previously filtered) for four seconds, at a 138°C, to eliminate pathogen bacteria from gelatin liquoid.

6.Then, gelling process follows and gelatin noodles are extruded on the dryer’s conveyor. Manufacturing Process Gelatin passes through the drying equipment where humidity is reduced by gradually heating the air.

7.The gelatin powder is taken from the drier to the grinding process where is crushed to the desired mesh size. Manufacturing Process Then, the blending process homogenizes the product.

8.After blending, the gelatin is transported to the packing system. The packing system contains magnetic traps and metal detector to avoid any metal particles in final product.

And after strict full set of testing,as long as all specification meets the standard then we send it out to the port to export the goods to our gelatin buyer.

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