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Gelatin and its Usage

20 Apr 2017

Gelatin is a multifunctional ingredient used in various segments such as food, pharmaceutical, technical and many more. Gelatin has variable quality parameters that allow for the ingredient to take on many functional properties.

Some of the most common properties are as follows: stabilizing agent, gelling agent, emulsifier, binder, clarifier, aeration, film-former and has a high hygroscopic capacity.

gelatin powdergelatinized

Hyfine Gelatin is specializes in the production of pork and beef gelatin powder, offering gelatinized products with suitable parameters such as bloom, viscosity and particle sizes under our customers' requests. We also produce hydrolysed collagen protein powder for naturally healthy with many benefits to body functions.

The raw materials used for the extraction of gelatinized products are closely monitored, regulated and certified by governmental authorities and follow international mandates. As a certified manufacturer of Halal gelatin, it is imperative that all materials used in production are fully traceable in all supply chain activities.


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