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What is Edible Gelatin?

20 Apr 2017

The unique properties of the edible gelatin offered by HYFINE have led to its widespread use in the food and milk industry. Because our edible gelatin does not affect the color or taste of the product when used in soups and sauces,so it is widely used as thickener.Moreover, gelatin can act as an agent in forming the flavor links used in the production of broth.

Producers of canned meats, particularly cooked ham, have found that edible gelatin powder is able to effectively absorb meat juices during cooking, making these products retain their natural flavor.

Used widely as a stabilizing agent in dairy products, edible gelatin provides a smooth texture to products such as ice cream, while keeping it free of ice crystals. Because halal gelatin is able to produce stable foam, so ice cream producers consider it ideal to reduce surface liquid-air tension during the production process. The properties of gelatin leaf stabilizers also prevent products such as yogurt from separating and produce a soft texture. Besides its ability to facilitate the production of yogurt, gelatin powders helps to preserve the suspension of fruits and nuts commonly used in dressings.

The wine manufacturers find that edible grade gelatin can help reacting with tannic acid absorption,and makes the precipitation and removal of undesired suspended wastes, then increasing the clarity of the product. Used for similar reasons in perfecting the beer, bovine skin gelatin powder makes a higher grade of clarity, increasing colloidal stability and giving the product a longer useful life. Fruit juice manufacturers find also that the skin gelatin powder can help to clarify their products,and maintain the suspension of pulp and dye.

Hyfine edible gelatin has the bloom range from 120 to 280bloom.Hyfine has the facilities and the personnels to work jointly and effectively to help our customers use this product properly and effectively.Hyfine welcome the opportunity to serve our clients in your food products.

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