Gelatin Introduction

Gelatin is a kind of good additive in food, pharmaceutical, and a good adhesive in industrial usages, so Gelatin is generally divided into edible gelatin, industrial gelatin, and pharmaceutical gelatin.

1. Edible Gelatin

Gelatin’s smoothness, flexibility, and ability to melt in the mouth make it a widely-used ingredient in jelly, chocolates, gum, and various other desserts. Because of its foaming properties and excellent surface tensile strength, it is also used in marshmallows, toffee, and shuffles. It also has strong adhesiveness and helps bind sausage and ham. Finally, gelatin finds its way into ice cream, clear juice, wine, and other diverse foods. Although the properties of edible gelatin differ by user and application, generally these gelatins have a gel strength of 80-200 Bloom, and a viscosity of 20-40 MPs, while in the case of Jelly or Marshmallows, gelatins over 200 Bloom are used.

2. Pharmaceutical Gelatin

At room temperature, gelatin can encapsulate material, block oxidation, and keep out moisture. It also dissolves and is absorbed easily within the body which is why gelatine gel strength of 150-200 Bloom and a viscosity of 34-38 mps, while gelatin for hard capsules has a gel strength of 250 Bloom and a viscosity of 45-48 mps.

3. Industrial Gelatin

Gelatin’s clearness and adhesiveness is used in the currency and copy paper industries to increase paper longevity, extend archival value, and improve paper folding quality. Gelatin is also used in the manufacture of pianos and other instruments, in artificial fruit, in book-binding, and in many other areas as a strong and odorless adhesive for high-value goods.

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