Online Kitchen with gelatin as food additives

Gelatin as a kind of good food additive is widely used in our cooking and many other healthy food products. You can find gelatin powder everywhere in many videos of cooking. Recently the Indian girl Hebbar and her cooking video is popular. From her video, you can learn quickly how to make delicious Indian food and how to make delicious desserts by using gold standard leaf gelatin.

Quick, social media-friendly recipe videos have changed the way people approach cooking. an online platform that has been adopted by an Indian couple to make Indian food for Indian audiences.

These two-minute-long videos, packaged like a mini cooking show, have managed to “break the monotony of having to flip through recipe books

In 2016, Mrs Hebbar started a blog, filled with her favorite recipes from home – the south Indian state of Karnataka. like tomato sambar (a lentil-based vegetable stew), rava idli (a savory cake made from semolina), and masala upma (a thick porridge made from dry roasted semolina or rice flour).

It’s a unique way of making cooking accessible – you’re not overwhelmed by a list of ingredients or cooking time.

Among those nice vegetarian food and delicious cake, unflavored gelatin is widely used. You can use the halal gelatin sheets that are extracted from the cattle skin to make as a stabilizer and thickener in making jelly pudding, mousse cake, or some soup. You can make a video of your cooking on Buzzfeed and show us the procedures of your doing cake and how to heat gelatin powder and unflavored leaf gelatin. We will all like it.

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