Taiwan Earthquake and Gelatin factory

At 23:50 on the 6th Feb, an earthquake measuring 6.5 on the sea near Hualien County in Taiwan hit the depth of 11.0 km. Until now, the earthquake has caused 4 people were killed and 225 wounded, there are still 145 people lost contact. It is understood that, Hualien offshore on Tuesday (6th) late at about 11:50, 6 magnitude earthquakes occurred again, the focal depth of 10 km, the whole nation were shocked, people fear, afraid to sleep.

At least 50 Japanese tourists were injured and the disaster concentrated in Hualien City, Hualien County, with the collapse of the marshal hotel, the collapse of Yun Tsui Building (formerly owned by A-class hot pot), the leaning of Building 1 on Guosheng No.1 Street, Su-Hua Highway interrupted, Hualien Bridge can not be opened up and the Seven Star Bridge cracking and Hualien City, Huaxi Road cracked.

As an experienced halal gelatin factory in China, beef skin gelatin and gold standard protein powder is our main product in the factory. We have a lot of customers in Taiwan, they are importing regularly from us the unflavored gelatin powder,animal protein glue,jelly glue and the protein powder.As well known,the gelatin powder is widely used a s kind of good food additive to make delicious food and Taiwan food is also famous in China and they are using our protein powder to make good facial mask and animal nutrition healthcare supplement.

Hope everything goes well with them and they will recover from the earthquake soon and fast.

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